World-class solution for the implementation of electronic wallets in proprietary schemes for contactless smartcards or mobile devices with unlimited scalability, with no dependence on commercial banking franchises.

What can you do with a Fielopolis wallet?

  • Identify members of the community.
  • Administer cash or service wallets with different rules for use for different-sized groups.
  • Support customer communities with private service platforms or permanently connected physical identifiers.
  • Simultaneously administer several wallets with different units (pesos, dollars, points, miles, etc) for the same person.
  • Administer due dates for units in each wallet, following rules defined for it.
  • Administer rechargeable wallets with money or services for your business.
  • Pay for products, use services or redeem benefits loaded onto the wallet.
  • Administer stocks of physical or virtual identifiers of the community, cards, tags, bracelets, QR codes etc.
  • Issue, activate, deactivate or block any community identifier in real time.

Transactions supported by Wallet:

1. Box-office sales

2. Tray sales

3. Card charging

4. Balance inquiry

5. Update of customer information

6. Credit/Debit adjustment

7. Transfers between wallets

8. Points accumulation

9. Point redemption

10. Points expiry

11. Presentation of card